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The First Noël

The First Noël est une partition de chant de Noël (origine : Cornouailles) arrangée pour chant. Le compositeur de la musique est inconnu, mais l’on sait que la musique a été écrite en 1700 environ. Les paroles de cette partition sont traditionnelles. Cette partition a été arrangée dans une tonalité de ré majeur.

Compositeur Anonyme (1700 environ)
Auteur des paroles Traditionnel
Origine EuropeEurope > Royaume-UniRoyaume-Uni > AngleterreAngleterre > CornouaillesCornouailles
Genre Chant de Noël
Instruments 4 voix
Tonalité Ré majeur
Rythme 3/4
Téléchargements 22165
Licence Domaine public Domaine public


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The First Noël - 1 The First Noël - 2
The First Nowell

1. The first Nowell the angels did say,
Was to certain poor shepherds in fields as they lay;
In fields where they lay, keeping their sheep,
On a cold winter's night that was so deep.

Nowell, Nowell, Nowell, Nowell,
Born is the King of Israel.

2. They looked up and saw a Star,
Shining in the East, beyond them far,
And to the earth it gave great light,
And so it continued both day and night.

3. And by the light of that same Star
Three Wise Men came from country far;
To seek for a King was their intent,
And to follow the star wherever it went.

4. This star drew nigh to the North-West,
O'er Bethlehem it took its rest,
And there it did both stop and stay,
Right over the place where Jesus lay.

5. Then entered in those Wise Men three,
Fell reverently upon their knee,
And offered there in his presence,
Their gold and myrrh and frankincense.

6. Then let us all with one accord
Sing praises to our Heavenly Lord
That hath made Heaven and earth of nought,
And with His Blood mankind hath bought.

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